RJ Kalyan is an energetic guy with a scintillating voice. He is a young boy with a multi-faceted personality. He is singer/performer, emcee and what not. He has trivia about retro films and their songs on tip of his tongue. Kalyan is all set to start his journey as an RJ. His fun-filled humorous attitude towards the show leaves every listener mesmerised which wants them to talk to him more.

Rj Prateeka is the most famous jock in Hyderabad. Bombarding the city since 9 years with her voice as she makes you laugh to the floor and think over an issue. Her show is a hit because of her powerful presentation skills filled with spontaneity,fun,humour and her Telangana language. She has created a milestone in speaking Telangana by being the first jock to start RJing in that lingo and style which has become a part of Hyderabad .Having a massive fan base she has bagged 2 IRFS to her kitty. Her shows are basically Stress relievers covering all the age groups. She is mainly know for her attitude which doesn't spare anything that is wrong .She believes in smile and tries to be a reason behind it. Known to make her listeners go crazy,makes them think,provoke if needed,all in her style.Strongly believing in love,charity and humanity all reflecting on her show. And as she says ‘Kal ho na ho’ so enjoy every single moment!!

RJ Mahathi, a girl with a lovely voice who loves to dream big and a professional dubbing artiste with rich experience in blending voice. A proud winner of Nandi award as 'Best Female Dubbing Artiste' for the year 2013 is all set to realize the dream of RJing. She has her own way with retro and her interest in collection of old movie details is cutely intriguing. The charming voice and full on energetic and enthusiastic attitude is truly addictive. Do notice, and you feel there is a bit of magic in all our lives and she is all geared up to entice that bit of magic again with trivia and reminiscences of celebrities from the movie industry. The stories, the thoughts, the emotions combined with the best melodies and dedication to your loved ones is sure to blow you away and make you feel nostalgic!! Her noon show on old melodies (just after a nice lunch) is soothing on ears and rocking in the heart and yea.. No blaming if you fall asleep at workplace !!!

Music is what she breathes every second, Singing, Sharing Interesting movie details, games..... you name it and she has got it. An ace RJ with over 10 well known years in the city, Popular and Passionate about what she does, With Cinema Choopistha Mama, she will take you to another world of bubbliness. Presenting Magic JO on Magic FM 106.4

Hyderabad will now experience a relishing taste than Biryani. The taste of Retro with Celebrity RJ Murali...

Sri Krishna, a playback singer from Tollywood. Also a proud RJ at Magic FM 106.4. In my morning show (5 AM - 7 AM) I speak predominantly about devotional aspects and also sing some classical devotional songs. The cultural heritage of Telugu literature is something I also something that I emphasize on, leading to some inferences and learnings we can take from such classical works. I also speak about the beliefs in our system and how the scientific world is now believing that our beliefs are right. I speak of some basic morals and inspirational quotes by some great men. My "Udaya Ragam" morning show inculcates all such beautiful aspects. My evening show "Geetanjali" (9 PM - 11 PM) includes talks about Telugu old classic songs from 1950s across 1970s. The composers, lyricists, singers and movies that they are in, the actors who have acted for such great songs, are the aspects I majorly speak about, and also of course sing a few here and there. The contribution of such artists is immense and today's generations should know as to how it created a foundation for today's fiom industry.

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