Rj Prateeka is the most famous jock in Hyderabad. Bombarding the city since 9 years with her voice as she makes you laugh to the floor and think over an issue. Her show is a hit because of her powerful presentation skills filled with spontaneity,fun,humour and her Telangana language. She has created a milestone in speaking Telangana by being the first jock to start RJing in that lingo and style which has become a part of Hyderabad .Having a massive fan base she has bagged 2 IRFS to her kitty. Her shows are basically Stress relievers covering all the age groups. She is mainly know for her attitude which doesn't spare anything that is wrong .She believes in smile and tries to be a reason behind it. Known to make her listeners go crazy,makes them think,provoke if needed,all in her style.Strongly believing in love,charity and humanity all reflecting on her show. And as she says ‘Kal ho na ho’ so enjoy every single moment!!

Magic Ravali is not just an RJ but also an anchor and Instagram influencer... She is a Jack of all trades and master of some. As a person herself she is very entertaining and that makes her show more interesting. She is closely associated with celebrities and musicians you can see her frequently on Page 3 and in viral celeb short videos. She has nothing doing with Bruce Lee… but she loves to call herself “ Li…. Ravali “

Naughty Nani is a renowned RJ, standup comedian, writer, and vlogger who loves to travel on bikes. His funny one-liners make everyone smile and will make you forget all the day's stress. Just like Rajkumar Hirani's films Nani not only touches your funny bones but with his beautiful story, narration touches your soul too, and in the end, he gives you a hot cup of happiness.

Sangeetha is a sweet girl with a scintillating voice. She is a performer, emcee and fitness freak. This Suriya fan girl loves to travel but alone. From sultan Bazar to Paris streets, she follows all the fashion trends and shopping is her stress buster. Being a fast learner, she always adds new skills to her kitty. Her insta reels with a poker face create a lot of fun. She has trivia about retro films and their songs on tip of her tongue. Her fun-filled humorous attitude toward the show leaves every listener mesmerized and wants them to talk to her more.

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