RJ Prateeka is the most famous jock in Hyderabad. Bombarding the city since 9 years with her voice as she makes you laugh to the floor and think over an issue. Her show is a hit because of her powerful presentation skills filled with spontaneity,fun,humour and her Telangana language. She has created a milestone in speaking Telangana by being the first jock to start RJing in that lingo and style which has become a part of Hyderabad .Having a massive fan base she has bagged 2 IRFS to her kitty.

Her shows are basically Stress relievers covering all the age groups. She is mainly known for her attitude which doesn’t spare anything that is wrong .She believes in smile and tries to be a reason behind it. Known to make her listeners go crazy,makes them think,provoke if needed,all in her style.Strongly believing in love,charity and humanity all reflecting on her show.


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