RJ Mahathi, a girl with a lovely voice who loves to dream big and a professional dubbing artiste with rich experience in blending voice. A proud winner of Nandi award as ‘Best Female Dubbing Artiste’ for the year 2013 is all set to realize the dream of RJing. She has her own way with retro and her interest in collection of old movie details is cutely intriguing. The charming voice and full on energetic and enthusiastic attitude is truly addictive.

Do notice, and you feel there is a bit of magic in all our lives and she is all geared up to entice that bit of magic again with trivia and reminiscences of celebrities from the movie industry. The stories, the thoughts, the emotions combined with the best melodies and dedication to your loved ones is sure to blow you away and make you feel nostalgic!! Her noon show on old melodies (just after a nice lunch) is soothing on ears and rocking in the heart and yea..

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